Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow is wonderful but...

freezing your legs off isn't.  Yes, there's a mistake involved here.  It boils down to this: I didn't give much thought to the pants I wore when we were about to go sledding.  So I put on pants made of some of the thinnest material imaginable.  These slacks are very comfortable...and are great in summer...but I learned firsthand they aren't meant for snowy conditions. 

We drove up to the place.  We started sledding.  My pants got saturated.  My legs were cold.  Very, very cold.  And I had no one to blame but myself :).  I still had fun, though.  As soon as we arrived home, I put on a nice, dry, warm skirt and was as good as new. 

It crossed my mind as we were coming home that if I'd been in the Arctic and had gotten my pants wet.  The pants would literally have frozen to my legs.  It could've been life-threatening, resulting in frostbite and hypothermia and even death if not treated.  In comparison, here in the states, it's just a tad uncomfortable.

You live and learn.  I know I'll be more careful from now on in regards to clothing choices. 

As I was pondering the experience, because there had to be some lesson in all this, I thought about parallels to childhood vs. adulthood.  A child can make a poor decision and generally not get in too much trouble.  There are adults to look out for him and the decisions he makes aren't usually that large or life-changing.  It may be uncomfortable for him but that's it.  In comparison, when an adult makes a poor decision, it can often be like the Arctic.  It can negatively affect not only himself but also his family, friends, and coworkers.  Of course, this all depends on the gravity of the "poor decision".  On the flip side, when young adults/adults make wise decisions, it can positively affect a lot of people whereas a four-year-old's decisions are not normally that far-reaching.

This reminds me once again how important the teenage years are for preparation.  Instead of clinging to childhood, we must prepare for adulthood.  Otherwise, adults who still act like children will be making adult decisions.  That's a scary thought!

Let's not forget that it's not in our effort that anything worthwhile happens.  God is the only true source of wisdom.  May we seek Him with all our hearts!

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