Thursday, March 17, 2011

Excercise Is Good For You (but it isn't easy)

Another title came to mind: No Pain No Gain.

On Friday afternoon (the 11th...yes, the day I applied for my passport), I decided to go outside and exercise by running/jogging (with some walking thrown in).  That shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.  But it was.  For me.  I haven't done, who's keeping track?  I tend to be an indoors girl.  The work I do is done at a keyboard and computer and my schoolwork is also done inside.  I'm often busy and if the thought even occurs to me to go outside, it doesn't seem worth the effort.  However, people tell me it's not healthy to stay inside all the time.  They're probably right.  So I went outside with my mp3 player.  This is my new strategy.  Normally, I would've been surprised if I lasted 15 minutes.  I thought music would help.  It did.  I stayed out for around an hour.  After approx. 45 minutes, my knee started hurting.  But I wanted to be tough so I continued.  By the time I came inside, I was babying it :).  I thought my knee was totally healed from the sledding incident.  No, I didn't mention my knee in the post.  It has to do with me throwing myself repeatedly onto the sled, hitting my knee hard (more than once), and bruising it.  The days after that my knee was very sore.

Back to Friday.  My knee wasn't as sore as before and I was eating lunch when my youngest brother asked me to go biking with him.  At first, I tried to resist (I haven't biked in months) but he was so sweet that I couldn't help it.  I agreed.  I was worried that it'd make my knee worse but after my brother ate lunch and I did a school subject, it didn't hurt anymore.  We had fun biking.  Then we did nature scavenger hunts (including a cool twist I made up :))...this included a lot of running around.  Before I knew it, it was dark outside.  I can't remember a time in the recent past that I've spent that many hours outdoors. (Sad, I know.)We went grocery shopping that evening which included--you guessed it--a lot of walking. Suffice it to say, I overdid it.

My dad said I should wait a couple days before exercising anymore.  I did.  Then I exercised a little on Monday (the 14th).  The next morning I wasn't that sore (in comparison to Saturday morning...).  By the way, my knee is fine now (as far as I know). 

I'm hoping this exercise stuff will pay off in me being able to do hard physical work without being totally sore the next day.  I also need to strengthen my cardiovascular system.  In other words, after a few minutes of running, my breathing should not sound like a locomotive and my heart should not be beating like an out-of-control drum on wheels (I don't know why on just sounded interesting...besides I had to make up for the earlier cliche). 

Enough about me.  What about you?  Do you exercise?  How often?  What type of exercise?  Running? Soccer?  Hiking?  Badminton?  I want to hear all about it!  Any tips on exercise?  I could really use 'em!


  1. I don't really exercise much right now, but I did PE a year or two ago (for credit). I went on walks with our dog(s) (probably an average of 50 min. each time, or something like that), bike riding (on a real bike, and an exercise bike), and some other exercises. Also, volleyball with our church, or sledding in the winter. =) When I did some exercising in our garage (like on the exercise bike), I tried listening to cds, but the bike was kinda loud for that.

  2. I'm with you, on always being inside! Schoolwork, business, everything is inside. Always!
    So I like to take a few minutes out of my day and just *go outside*. Sometimes to just sit in the sun. Sometimes to play ball with my brother, or we might go for a walk. May not sound very exciting...but it is something besides the indoors.