Monday, August 22, 2011

Onboard the Logos Hope!!!

After 30 hours of travel, I arrived safely on the Logos Hope. Thanks be to God! During the last few hours on the long twelve-hour flight (I had two much shorter ones as well), I was terribly motion sick. I know how awful it feels and cannot express how grateful I am to God that my body is fine onboard the ship while it is docked.

I have been assigned to the Angels department along with three other STEPers. The Angels wear red shirts (some departments have different colored shirts) and are in charge of cleaning, laundry, and accomodations.

My cabinmates are very nice. I share a cabin with 7 other Steppers. Normally, there would be 9 others but two of the other STEPer females are older women and they have their own 2 person cabin. There are also 2 boys in our STEP group and they have their own cabin (obviously :)). We share a bathroom with other women on our hall so there are about 16 of us sharing the bathroom altogether. Thankfully, there are 3 showers and 3 toilets in the bathroom! The time limit for each shower is 3 minutes!

The Logos Hope will open to the public in Penang on August 25, 2011. I'm really looking forward to being able to mingle with visitors on Deck 4. This is what part of the large book fair looks like without visitors.


  1. Wow, the library looks amazing! What a great adventure and blessing for you. As I said before, I'm eager to hear more!

  2. We're also very thankful to God that you're doing well and are not having any motion sickness! We hope and pray that you will have a blessed first day of work. We can't wait to see more pictures. I know it took you a long time to upload pictures there so I will be patient :). We hope to see some pictures of you, our Angel, in your red workshirt. I love the two pictures here. Oh I can spend all day in that book fair know I can :)!

    Love you and so proud of you,

  3. Enjoyed your pictures. Thank you for sharing. Am excited for your life experiences. You are one young lady that won't let any grass grow under her feet. The Lord's blessings and love are all on you. Love you, grandma

  4. Wow! Talk about privacy! Poor thing! You must be worn out. Good for you being able to make a blog post! *cheers*
    Love you!