Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Natalia: Let's Find Her A Family! (A Girl That Has Stolen My Heart)

Natalia. My beautiful darling. The little girl that captured my heart. The precious girl I dreamed for years would be my sister.

Yet it appears that dream must die. Instead of just sitting around feeling depressed and sad about her situation, I've decided to do something about it. I want to find Natalia a loving family.

I need your help. Do you know someone looking to adopt? Are you able to donate money to her grant fund so a family can afford to get to her...and fast? Do you have a blog and/or Facebook where you can post her picture and a link to her profile? Could she be your future daughter?

Here is the info from Reece's Rainbow:

Girl, Born March 6, 2003
Natalia is a GORGEOUS little girl with brown hair and giant blue eyes.   She is 6 years old.   She is a very smart little girl, but her medical records show cognitive delay and some epileptic issues.   Her seizures are infrequent, and she does take medication to control it.   Her cognitive delay is likely a result of the seizures though.   She also has some strabismus (crossed/lazy eye), but this can be corrected in the US.  Natalia is able to speak, and when our missionary asked her if she would tell us something , she was trying to rehearse a little poem!  Natalia is not able to walk on her own.  She is carried everywhere.   We are uncertain as to WHY this is, but can only know in our hearts that her life will be greatly improved to have therapy and a family of her own.   She is a very nice little girl, happy and friendly and beautiful.   She will truly thrive in a family environment.
From her medical records:  epilepsy and flat feet
Natalia is already living in an institution, so we need a family for her right away!  She recently lost her adoptive family, so her situation is urgent!   She is STILL living at the "not so good" place, and is unable to walk on her own yet.  We need to get her out immediately.
As with all children living in these difficult conditions,  this child's cognitive development has regressed significantly since he/she was younger.  It is of crucial importance that any family considering the adoption of an older child from the mental institution setting be well prepared for what to expect with regards to how the neglect and lack of adequate medical care and nourishment has affected this child.    These children all have TREMENDOUS potential for improvement, and deserve to have a life outside these four walls. 
These children are truly living on borrowed time, and families should be home study approved before an official commitment can be made for this child. 

 $144.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

The thought of my sweet girl languishing in a heartless institution is almost more than I can bear. For those who don't know about institutions in Eastern Europe...they lock these kids up, leave them to lie on beds for days and weeks and months and years with nothing to do, and wait for them to die. There is no future for them if they are not adopted. They are not loved or cared for. Even basic physical needs are often neglected. They shave their heads so lice won't spread. The conditions are much worse than I can paint in words. I hope and pray that someone will start the journey to rescue her-and the many others who wait-soon.

Will you join me in fighting for Natalia?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Book Review: The Merchant's Daughter

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Be willing to risk for love. Your circumstances don't have to define you.

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson captured my imagination like no other book has in months. The author drew me into 1352. She made me care about the two main characters and she skillfully switched point of view.

Annabel is not welcome in the village of Glynval. She's not even welcome in her own lazy family. (I really don't like those people.) Yet this book shows that God can work anything for good. She must serve Lord Ranulf le Wyse as an indentured servant because of her family's debt of the past three years (they were supposed to work in the fields but didn't). This actually gives her the opportunity to read God's Word and lead a happy life.

I like that while the author introduced various conflicts, even really dangerous ones, she resolved them well. *Potential Plot Spoiler* At one point in the book, a young man defends Annabel from an evil attacker. What bothers me is that he later regrets it. I don't believe that anyone should feel guilty or fear punishment for accidently killing someone in the defense of another. The young man should feel proud for his actions. The attacker had to be stopped and if he died in the process, that is his own fault for creating the problem. Protecting the innocent from being victimized is a privilege and a duty that must be taken seriously.

Annabel's diligence and hunger for God's Word is inspiring and convicting. Her character 
reminds me of Proverbs 22:29, "Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men."

I appreciated that the novel continued for a bit after the climax so we could enjoy the happy ending instead of cutting off abruptly as many books do.


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