Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's A Funny Thing

After I posted this post, my brain has been flooded with stuff to write about. Now I have multiple drafts waiting to make their appearance :). Of course, they will only last so long.

I like Carrie's suggestion to write about what I'm busy doing. So I'm hoping to do that in addition to whatever else I think of. (And yes, I realize my writing and grammar are not always the greatest in my blog posts but I have to write technically well in so many places that it's nice to goof off a bit and break some writing rules on my blog :)). If you're wondering what prompted that, you're generally not supposed to end sentences with "of". Or use a million parentheses. Or smileys.

Does anyone else have any suggestions on what I should post about? Now that I'm getting "into" blogging, are there any must-read blogs that you recommend? If they have to do with missions, adoption, filmmaking or writing, I'll be especially interested!

There's a link that I want to share. It's not a blog. Saying that I "like" this link is a major understatement: It's awesome to see children whose forever families have found them!!! There are still so many who are waiting (like Natalia). Please pray for them and spread the word! Perhaps you can advocate for one of them on your blog?

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