Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upcoming Giveaway for Natalia!

I'm going to be hosting a giveaway on my blog for this sweet little girl.

The way the giveaway works: People donate items. I post the big giveaway post with pictures of the prizes. Each entry is $5 or $10 (haven't decided yet...comment and tell me which is better!). You leave a comment for each donation you put into Natalia's grant fund. You have the chance to win prizes and best of all, you're helping an orphan girl who desperately needs to be adopted!

I need YOUR help!

1. Do you have something you could donate? Gift cards are always wonderful. But feel free to be creative. My awesome friend, Emily, is donating an adorable crocheted armadillo. Please note that unless you live near me and can drop the prize off at my house, you'll need to ship the prize to the winner yourself :). I'll email you the winner's address after the giveaway ends.

2. When the giveaway happens, please enter and spread the word! Actually, you can spread the word now by linking to this post...the more people involved...the better!

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