Friday, January 27, 2012

What have I been busy doing?

~On Saturday (the 21st), I went to one of the most amazing conferences ever (in my opinion)! And it's free! I've attended it for the past several years (missing it only once or twice). I love it. It's Mission Connexion Northwest.

~I wrote my first essay for Writing 121--the online college class I'm taking.

~I sent out a novel proposal. Which has already been rejected. No, it hadn't been rejected yet when I wrote this post. Actually, I haven't sent out as many proposals as that post makes it sound but articles I've submitted have received lots of rejections...I didn't mention those :).

~I submitted to Devozine.

~I've been reading a book for review (in addition to reading assignments from WR 121).

~Earlier this month, I found out my testimony (not about romance!) was chosen to be published in the Love Letters From The Heart anthology by Pix-N-Pens Publishing.

~There's a new year of Go Teen Writers prompts that started this month. My first entry didn't final but I'm hoping the next one will!

~I wrote a letter to my patient penpal.

~I've been participating in the weekly Bible study with international students at my home.

~Something super-duper exciting that needs a post all it's own :).

Things I've been doing for fun:

~Playing Mario Kart Wii with my dad and younger brothers

~Watching TV shows

Things I need to do:

~Study math.

~Keep up with my writing class. It's fast-paced!

~Send out another proposal/query to a new agent.

~Practice driving. (I'd rather learn to ride a horse...)

What have you been doing? What are your plans for the next week/month?


  1. I entered the Go Teen Writers prompt contest also, and it didn't final. I can see why, though. I like it when I'm successful, though, and my entry finals. =)

    What TV shows do you like? We are currently watching 'Once Upon a Time' and we also enjoy History's 'Top Shot', which is coming up in Feb. =)

  2. WOOT! Gotta love Mission Connexion! ;)

    YAY for horses! (Though they are slower and you'd have to clean up after them...)
    Keep up the driving anyway!

  3. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog with your link. I love the Logos ships and your video is great.

    Great update on all the writing!!