Saturday, February 4, 2012

Deadly Delirium

This is the "something super-duper exciting" that I mentioned earlier. My YA short story, Deadly Delirium, is being published as an e-book by the Euterpe Imprint of Musa Publishing! I should probably point out now that this is not a Christian publisher and though they have been wonderful to work with, I do not necessarily endorse any of the other books that they publish. Deadly Delirium releases on February 24, 2012.

Working on this particular project has taken up quite a lot of time in the past month or so. The work is not over, either! Now I am in the midst of marketing :). If you maintain an active blog and would like to interview me, please leave a comment with your email address. Thanks!

To learn more, please visit Deadly Delirium's Facebook page and consider "liking" it:


  1. I am very excited about this book. Can't wait until Feb. 24, 2012 to find out what this book is about. Knowing you, it has to be quality and with a great purpose. Wish you the best.
    Juanita Wickey,

  2. Wow, congratulations! I might want to interview you on my blog... I've never done an interview before, but if you know how it works, I'm sure we could figure something out. =)

  3. I have read this story two times today. It really touches my heart. So many have suffered in this world due to knowing the Lord, being a Jew, and we need to be reminded of this, we need to pray for those even this day that are being persecuted, which is hard to believe it is happening in this time of ours. It continues until Jesus comes. Juanita Wickey