Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Ways to Have a NOT Boring Summer: #1--Create Videos

#1 on the list of fun things to do this summer is: Create Videos.

Note: This does not mean it's number one in importance or fun...I just thought I'd start with it :). 

I love video production. Love it. Love it. Love it!!! (That's why I'm planning to major in New Media Communications :)). But creating videos is not just for people who are crazy about filmmaking.

It used to be that only those with tens of thousands of dollars could purchase film equipment and make videos. That is no longer the case. If you are going to get into media production professionally, then, honestly, it still costs a lot of money. But if you just want to create home videos or explore your creative visual skills, you probably have something you can use. A cell phone, iPad, Flip-type camera, or an actual video camera (I'd recommend this if you have one) can all be used. For that matter, I made this spur-of-the-moment video with my inexpensive digital camera which is meant to take mainly photos. What do you think? You did watch it, right? *Waits* So...what did you think? Really, I would like to know. Please keep in mind that I did not have a tripod with me.

Anyway, back to my point. It's amazing how much technological ability we have at our fingertips nowadays. Computers come with photo and video editing programs which can perform the basic functions needed to put together a video. It is possible for most people to shoot and edit a video. How cool is that?

You could make a puppet video. You could make a video to share about a special experience. Once you have some video-making experience, you can enter video contests and/or even create a video to help promote a worthy organization.

Don't forget the value of home videos...they're great for recording (and making) memories! If you're going on a vacation this summer, that's a wonderful time to get footage of both your family and the surroundings (which will probably be pretty!).

You can read the introduction to the 5 Ways to Have a NOT Boring Summer series here.

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  1. Hi Alyssa ~ GREAT video! I always think you do such good work putting videos together. I'm excited about your Summer series, and looking forward to the next idea you share about.

    By the way... Happy Birthday!!! :D
    I truly hope you're enjoying a wonderful & blessed day.

    ~ Tarissa

  2. Thank you, Tarissa! I really appreciate your kind words.

    I'm curious...which video are you referring to :)? The Steps for Life one?

    1. Hello! So sorry not to reply. Indeed, I was referring to the Steps for Life video.

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