Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Ways to Have a NOT Boring Summer: #3--Volunteer

#3: Volunteer

This actually applies year round. We do generally have more time available to volunteer during the summer, though :).

Here are a few ideas:

1. Volunteer at your church. Most churches have a list of opportunities for volunteers (i.e. places they need more help). This could range from assisting the audiovisual department to playing with kids in children's ministry (I have learned a lot about toddlers :)). These are most likely year round positions. Volunteering with VBS would be a temporary position.

2. Become a Global Media Outreach (GMO) online missionary. This is a wonderful opportunity for mature Christians who have a solid foundation in God's Word and hopefully, apologetics as well. I'm not saying that the online missionaries know everything but they should have a firm grasp of correct theology. GMO will put you in a training community when you first join and will teach you how to use their email system and respond to contacts. In addition, there are great resources available to help with answering tough questions such as I love being able to mentor/disciple/encourage people all over the world...from my home!

3. Search for volunteer opportunities on a website such as Volunteer Match. There are even virtual volunteering opportunities. I was able to assemble a video for a small non-profit in a different state through this website. (Note: I do not necessarily endorse the information posted on this website and/or opportunities you may find on it.)

What about you? Are you interested in volunteering? If you already are volunteering, where/how do you volunteer? Do you have any ideas to add? I'd love to hear them!

Feel free to check out the introduction, first post, and second post of this series. 


  1. Great idea to suggest this as a boredom buster! I hear a lot of kids say "There's nothing to do!" in the summer - here's something, lol. :-)

    I actually just got back from volunteering at an outreach my church did in the park - 4 people got saved! Yay! :-)

    As for regular volunteering, I volunteer at the college to read to the daycare kids there in the storytime program. Applicable for an English major. ;-)

    1. That's wonderful about your church outreach, Sapphire! And reading to kids is great...aren't they so fun sometimes :)? I'm glad you found a volunteer opportunity that correlates with your major!

  2. Hey Alyssa! I was wondering about the online missionary thing. Do you think the 'conversions' are really genuine? Are the people that you talk to actually interested in hearing the gospel? I guess I'm just wondering about the effectiveness, and since you work with them, maybe you could give me a little insight as to how the whole thing works. :)


    1. Hi Cari,

      Those are good questions! Our contacts are the ones who email us so most are sincerely seeking more information. They have visited one of Global Media Outreach's many websites and have used the contact form. They indicate whether they have just received Jesus as their Savior, have recommitted their life to Christ, are already a Christian, or have not made a decision yet but are interested in learning more. They can leave a comment or question and a real person (an online missionary) will get back to them. If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to visit the website.

      Whether in real life or online, we can't really know if all conversions are genuine...all we can do is pray, share, and hope for the best :)!

      Your friend,