Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review: Imagination Station Books #8 & #9

Adventures in Odyssey The Imagination Station® Series #9: Escape to the Hiding Place  -     
        By: Marianne Hering
 Adventures in Odyssey The Imagination Station® Series #8: Battle for Cannibal Island  -     
        By: Marianne Hering, Wayne Batson
Battle for Cannibal Island and Escape to the Hiding Place are fun, easy to read books for children ages 7 & up. The dialogue and descriptions are simple but the plot for each book is interesting. The main characters are 7-year-old cousins named Patrick and Beth. I like how they introduce a historical figure and time period in the books. In Battle for Cannibal Island, it is the 1850s in Fiji and they meet missionary James Calvert. Escape to the Hiding Place, not surprisingly, introduces Corrie ten Boom and is set during World War II. The illustrations (especially of Whit) are not what I am used to but they’re not bad. At the end of each story, the children learn a lesson that they can apply to their modern day lives. I think it’s cool to see a Christian historical fiction book series for young kids. 

Note: I received these books for free through Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. My brother would love these books! For that matter... I probably would too. :)