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Book Review: Interrupted by Rachel Coker


Blurb: Can love really heal all things? If Sam Carroll hadn't shown up, she might have been able to get to her mother in time. Instead, Allie Everly finds herself at a funeral, mourning the loss of her beloved mother. She is dealt another blow when, a few hours later, she is sent from Tennessee to Maine to become the daughter of Miss Beatrice Lovell, a prim woman with a faith Allie cannot accept. Poetry and letters written to her mother become the only things keeping Allie's heart from hardening completely. But then Sam arrives for the summer, and with him comes many confusing emotions, both toward him and the people around her. As World War II looms, Allie will be forced to decide whether hanging on to the past is worth losing her chance to be loved.
My review: Interrupted: Life Beyond Words by Rachel Coker is an interesting historical novel. The heroine, Allie, is not exactly what you’d call likeable. She can be downright mean…even to those who are kind to her. Yet she’s been through quite a bit and for some reason, I still wanted her to be happy. I don’t know why Sam liked her so much, though :). I felt that having Allie and her mom hate Christians was a bold, unique way to start out a Christian YA novel.

Now, let me examine what I see as the downsides. The book could have been edited better since there were a few grammatical errors/typos that caught my attention. The thing that bothers me most, though, is the repeated use of “g-o-s-h”. I’m sure that Rachel didn’t mean to offend anyone but I don’t like it when authors use God’s name in vain (even if it’s the “mellow” version). Also, it’s concerning to me that Sam (apparently a Christian) was asking someone who was obviously not a Christian to marry him.

Back to what’s positive: As I was observing this new author’s writing style, something that struck me is that Rachel does a wonderful job of writing description. An example of this is “…the rolling grass engulfing me in large green pools”. Great, creative imagery!

Overall, this is a nice novel that held my attention well.

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~I received this book for free from Zondervan, through Team Novel Teen, in exchange for my honest review.

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Short (and hopefully sweet) Intro--Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hi! My name is Alyssa Liljequist. I'm an 18-year-old homeschool graduate. I'm also a freelance writer whose work has been published by a variety of online and print publications including The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Keys for Kids, and The Kids' Ark Magazine.

My YA short story, Deadly Delirium, was published this year by the Euterpe Imprint of Musa Publishing.

My other passions include video production and missions. You can view a slideshow about my experiences onboard the Logos Hope here.

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Book Review: Faithgirlz! Bible

NIV Faithgirlz! Bible, Revised Edition  -     
        By: Nancy Rue

I enjoyed having the opportunity to review the revised edition of the NIV Faithgirlz! Bible. Obviously, I am not reviewing the Bible itself but the special features that make this edition of the Bible for tween girls unique. First of all, it is created especially for 9-12 year-old girls. However, I’m 18 and I like it! The Book Introductions (the who, what, when, where of each book of the Bible) and Treasure This! (Bible verses that are great for memorizing) are both helpful. One of my favorite features, though, is Dream Girl. I wish it appeared in every single book of the Bible but it does show up in a lot of them. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of Nancy Rue’s Sophie books. Maybe it’s because I love her writing style. Or maybe it’s because it helps girls (even grown-up girls :)) to imagine themselves within the Bible story that makes this feature so amazing. Is There a Little (Eve, Ruth, Isaiah) in You? is another cool feature. It helps us see what we have in common with common (and not-so-common) Bible characters. I like that she includes “good” people and “bad” people. We have good traits and bad traits in all of us! Oh, I Get It! points out why something is important or helps to answer questions that girls may have such as “Why did the Israelites want a human king when they had God?” or “Isn’t it just human to complain?”. Bring It On! reminds me of the fun quizzes in magazines…except that these mini quizzes lead you straight to Bible verses! Finally, In Your Own Words allows girls to recap a Bible story in their own words. Overall, I think the NIV Faithgirlz! Bible is wonderful!

~I received this Faithgirlz Bible! free from The B&B Media Group in exchange for my honest review.